An incomplete list.

scratchy dry eyes

throat too tight to cry

thinking about what-ifs

watching my body degrade

rushing a procrastinated project

being on hold with any bureaucracy

thinking about my parents getting older

when my face gets red hot while speaking

forgetting all my clothes at the laundromat

trying to meditate and giving up five seconds in

when a plant dies despite best efforts to keep it alive 

seeing a parking ticket stuck under my windshield wiper

buying something expensive and immediately regretting it

throwing up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams

looking at my face in the mirror under fluorescent overhead lighting

having a bad day and feeling like the rest of my life will always be this way

finding a hair in my food while eating in front of the person who made the meal

peeling hardboiled eggs and they keep coming apart no matter how carefully i peel

wincing in the middle of the night when i remember something stupid i said 5 years ago

when a homeless guy sleeps in my car and clips his nails all over the seat and steals my blanket

waking up in the morning and praying please let me go back to sleep because I dread the day ahead

8 thoughts on “Bad feelings

    1. It was a gross yet hilarious moment… I looked out the apartment window and saw him sitting in my car wrapped in my blanket. When I got to the car only the nail clippings remained😆 Started locking my doors after that!

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