Another incomplete list.

when Sung comes home and we eat a big home cooked meal together and watch TV

watching Lotus sprint up and down the channel with her tail curled in happiness

road trip to a new destination with a full tank of gas and a cooler of snacks

knowing just the right words that i can say to comfort a friend in distress

when Sung puts his arm around my shoulder while we are out in public

catching the smell of jasmine on a night walk beneath a full moon

discovering music i haven’t heard yet from my favorite artist

waking up to a day in which nothing needs to be done

telling someone β€œNo” and the world doesn’t implode

viewing my old insecurities through neutral eyes

a sip of cool water in the middle of the night

inhaling nothing but oxygen into my lungs

when i say a joke and everyone laughs

falling asleep with my mind at peace

a soft dog curled up next to me

konjac sponge on my face

swatting an annoying fly

singing in the shower

skating down a hill

a fresh buzzcut

smooth skin

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