Housework my bane

Yet it’s high on the list

Of things I’d rather do

Than talk to you

Or rather, listen

All you need are my ears

But they’re too clogged to hear

So pause the reruns of your reality show

Don’t send me photos of your reflection in a dirty mirror

And don’t offer me anymore half-price junk

I’ve let you fill my trash with donations enough

By the way, I’m about to divert your gifs to spam

Today, as I clean the stove and scrub the floor

I map out my escape from the county clan

If I move, will you still burrow under my skin?

If I get this off my chest, can I have your mantra:

“No toxicity in 2022”

Even if that includes you?

This seems disjointed because it’s about not one person, but two

Better to kill two rants with one post.

34 thoughts on “Two birds with one tirade

  1. Oh how I love how you’re cleaning out your physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and mental houses! Now, talk about clutter reduction going into 2022! πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€—βœ¨πŸ˜˜ Woooo-hooooo! πŸ₯³

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      1. Oh girlfriend, cleaning out is positive. You just didn’t realize it yet. But now that you do, your growth for 2022 or better yet, for the rest of this year is unlimited. Embrace it my friend! πŸ€—πŸ’πŸ₯°

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      2. I appreciate you LiziRose. We are all a work in progress, and it’s not easy trying to remain positive when you’re in the midst of bird poop! LOL 😲

        Take it one day, and one step at a time. And by all means, don’t sweat the small stuff!!! Have a FANtabulous week my friend! πŸ¦‹πŸ₯‚πŸ’–

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  2. That’s a beautiful poem to vent one’s frustrations. Now if we are too polite to ask them to go away in real life, we can write about it (with private information omitted) to let the world see. Yes, it is true. Sometimes toxic personality is really annoying, but we just can say “no” to their face. I know somebody who just can’t stop talking. I also know a couple who’s constantly arguing and who want to involve other people in their argument. It is very annoying.

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    1. thank you, and I’m so glad you understand my need to vent. I’m either too polite or too afraid of confrontation to tell people how I feel, even people I’m close to.
      This couple who is always arguing and trying to drag others into it…yikes. My guess is they want you to choose a side in the argument which is stressful. Sometimes the drama can be entertaining or interesting, until one day it’s just tooooo much. Especially if it’s causing us stress.


  3. You are very talented at poetry and prose! Even a subject such as this one- you turn it into poetry!!!! Thank you for this! I really enjoyed the mixture of both lightheartedness and seriousness of this. It made it so interesting!

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    1. Thank you Tamara! I don’t know why, but when I’m in a bad mood it feels easier or more natural to write poetry. When I’m in positive mood I can only write prose. I wonder why.
      Anyways, I’m relieved that this post doesn’t seem totally negative πŸ™‚

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  4.     The idiom “to clean house,” is interesting although it applies to organizations where people get fired. I guess you can’t fire chatterboxes if they don’t work for you. I think Alice through the looking glass had a problem with Jabberwocky. I guess she never did discover the house-cleaning-catharsis rant that you do so well. I’ve been trying to hire Mary Poppins who can clean a room and a psyche with magic. And she does her Jabberwocky gracefully with the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song (Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman).
        Maybe Bob Dylan has the answer, sort of. “You don’t have to be a fair weather bane to know which way the windbag is blowing… ‘the answer, my friend, is bloviating in the wind”…”
        Right on, rant on. Thanks.

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  5. Okay, someone’s killing more than just two birds with one stone! πŸ˜‰ Literal Gold!
    Here’s to a 2022 that’s free of clutter and toxicity. Lovely β€œrant.”


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