Pro –

“Learn something new every day” is the mantra. Mostly I learn the same thing over and over again: How to be present. By now I should be a professional. But it’s alright, because a student gets the advantage of practice.

Crass –

“Please do not use those words at school.”

I think they are too young to say so many bad words. Surely they overheard it at home or from older children. I freeze my face and put my voice on neutral. Negative attention might keep their new vocabulary in rotation.

Tie –

At home if there is negativity in the air, it dissolves faster than I can make a cup of tea.

We are one year into our marriage. By now, any fight ends in a draw. I don’t mean draw like a stalemate, I mean a draw like pulling fresh cards from the deck or putting lines on paper. There cannot be a winner and a loser when we are on the same team.

Nation –

We are moving the first week of June. To a town I drove through only one time. If I closed my eyes in a sneeze, I would have missed it.

Thinking about this town which I don’t yet know brings back a childhood memory. One afternoon when I was nine years old, I took a walk across a big field. The grass had dried up in the scorching summer, fading from green to yellow to brittle gray. I walked across the field toward an ancient olive tree. It was rooted in an even older sandbank. I sat underneath it and let the shade soothe me from the sun.

There are so many places to live on the planet, and in the nation where I was born, and in the state where I grew up. Lots of areas to live, but it was difficult to find anywhere to rent. I wanted to begin a life somewhere beyond my hometown, even if it was only an hour away. For a while I felt stuck. But now here we are, almost at step three:

1) Find a town

3) Rent a place

2) Go live there

9 thoughts on “It’s already almost June

  1. When I was first married we laid out a 5 year plan – and met those goals and then made another 5 year plan and on and on… Glad you are on track!! (even though change is hard and sometimes stressful, it isn’t always a bad thing!) Good luck with the move!


    1. That’s wise. Right now it feels like we can barely plan out 1 year! Hopefully soon we can also be looking 5 years ahead.

      Thank you for the kind encouragement 🙂


  2. Best wishes with the upcoming move, Lizi. Always exciting but also daunting.

    Your strategy about not to negatively reinforce the bad language is a good one. Definitely something we struggle with at home with our little one! Kids just pick these language up everywhere – in our case, from older kids on the bus. 😆

    Enjoy the long weekend!


    1. Thank you Ab! I do remind myself that in a child’s perspective, every new word is just a string of meaningless syllables that they have overheard somewhere. Probably every child goes through a phase where they realize the effect that saying certain words can have on adults, and that must feel powerful in a way. I learned from other teachers that it can help to have a neutral response!


  3. Beautiful, Lizi! Love how you tied all these amazing lessons and writing together with a one word and made them so memorable. Thank you for sharing — and good luck on the impending move!!


    1. Hi Wynne, Thank you so much for your kind-hearted words! Haha I had to pay homage to procrastination because lately it feels like procrastinating on other stuff is the only way I am able to write 😅


  4. Wish you will like your new place and wish it is not too much work to move all the stuff. No matter which town you live, it’s always going to be home sweet home to you with love and care and happiness.


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