I had a dance party because I’m living in a new county
My baby is busy putting out fires
I had a freak out because Lotus isn’t looking too healthy
My stomach fills with a supper of fear

In our backyard, I climb the pine tree to view moonrise

Wind blows through the tree and all the needles whisper
If I close my eyes, I’m on a mountain close to God
The neighbor dog wraps up a long day of barking
I don’t mind it, our dogs don’t bark back

Wind slams against the wobbly fence
Old wood propped up by one lonely two-by-four
The neighbor dog stares from under the boards
Wild eyes, too big for a body that size

Look at the full moon, outshining every street lamp

Let’s have a slumber party tonight
The strawberry moon will be our night light
Sweet tooth and YouTube time
Crushed ice with a twist of lime
An elephant, a bear and a giraffe
We’ll fall asleep halfway through a laugh

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