Feeling numb from watching world news

When I woke up this morning I felt disturbed. Sung left for school and I took Lotus on a morning walk. The air quality is bad today. Cannot see the nearby hills. The sun is an angry red disc swollen four times its normal size. My throat got scratchy from breathing smoke as my mind marinated in feelings of doom and gloom.

I came home and turned on the TV. When I caught up on world news…I was shocked. What is happening?! I know pain and suffering is perpetual, but there’s an extraordinary amount of turbulence right now. It’s distressing to witness these historic events.

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Listening to my lungs in the dentist’s chair

Two things are true for me: I’m grateful for health care and I’m afraid of visiting the dentist. My appreciation for medical professionals doesn’t alleviate the anxiety I feel when a stranger pokes around in my mouth with sharp metal objects.

The other day I went to the dentist for the first time in a while. I wanted to get my teeth checked out since this is my last year on my mom’s insurance.

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How I became a dog person after two decades of fear

If you saw me with my dog Lotus today, you would never guess that I used to be terrified of dogs.

Actually, terrified is an understatement. Ever since I can remember, I had a deep phobia of pretty much all animals. Cats freaked me out and rodents made me squirm. Birds and reptiles … forget it. Fish were the least offensive, but I still shied away at the thought of touching one.

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