Halfway done with the Fire Academy!

Happy Monday everyone. 🙂

I’m working on some stories that I’ll share in the next few weeks. As I write the drafts, I realize they’re all about negative topics. Why is it that experiencing frustration, sadness or fear nudges me to write a story, but I rarely feel creative regarding positive emotions?

Today I wanted to share a happy update so my blog doesn’t get too depressing. My husband is exactly halfway through his firefighter training program. I wrote the story of how he started this career path here and here. I had a lot of confidence as I wrote those posts, because I knew Sung was well-prepared and extremely motivated to succeed.

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Fire Academy (Part 2)

Last July, flakes of ash were falling from the sky. Sung stepped outside my grandparents’ garage and tiny crumbles of gray drifted across his forehead. The air was heavy with smoke. Since I grew up in Northern California, I’m used to the effects of fire season. But Sung is from New Jersey so he was shocked. The timing was eerie: just last night he had told me that he wanted to be a firefighter.

(Here is Part 1 of this story.)

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