The 100 square foot garden

Today I did some yard work for the first time in a while. Several medium-sized palm trees around our rental house needed pruning. As I sawed off dead branches and piled them in the dumpster, I started thinking about how much yard work I did as a child.

My family lived in a house on a fairly large piece of property. My parents DIY’ed everything. They built a well house, a chicken coop, and a network of raised garden beds. Many of my childhood memories center around outdoor projects. My brother and I collected rocks to build a 100-foot stone wall, dug narrow trenches for an irrigation system, and helped plant fruit trees. Of course, there were always a million weeds to pull.

One summer, my brother and I decided to plant our own vegetable garden.

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Compost: An overnight success after five months

Today I’m celebrating Earth Day by stirring a pile of dirt in my yard. It all began five months ago, when I nearly dislocated my shoulder from hoisting a massive bag of trash into the dumpster.

“How on earth do two people produce this much garbage?” I asked myself in disgust.

That’s when I rediscovered the world of composting. My parents had a compost pile when I was a kid, but I admit I didn’t pay too much attention to the whole operation. As an adult, I’ve become aware of how much trash I contribute to the world.

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