Blur my dots and bend my lines

This story begins with two women: Giulia & Julia.

My college roommate, Giulia, grew up in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to L.A. for university. During the first year we lived together, her childhood friend Julia also moved to L.A. to start her career as a model.

Giulia and Julia have known each other their entire lives. Both women are beautiful, and Julia is especially stunning with supermodel proportions. After she was signed by a modeling agency, she would get all kinds of clothes for free. That’s how Giulia ended up with boxes and boxes of expensive, barely-worn swimwear.

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Notes on how to break a bad habit

At the beginning of April I made a plan to stop mindlessly scrolling Reddit. Now it’s the end of the month, so I’m here to reflect on my progress.

I admit it wasn’t a flawless 30 days. Since I’m unemployed and home a lot lately, it’s a little too easy to waste time on my devices.

But because I attempted to change my attitude and not simply force myself to change behavior, I think my new habit will be more permanent. In the past, I’ve gone extreme and hid my phone in a drawer or blocked on my laptop. This time I asked myself: “ok, I have this compulsive scrolling behavior, how can I flip my relationship with technology so I am using it instead of it using me?”

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One of my vices: wasting time on devices

I hate screentime notifications. I can’t stand the little purple hourglass icon which announces the official number of minutes and hours I’ve spent staring into my phone or laptop.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel lucky to have technology. I’m happy I can research stuff on the internet and keep in touch with friends and family. But those aren’t the activities that make up the bulk of my screentime.

What fills my digital hourglass is The Endless Scroll. Sound familiar?

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